Our Services

From small home concepts to large commercial projects, we can do it all.  From planning to completion, Grandview Landscaping is the only call you will need to make.  We can make your dream come to life.  


Residential Landscaping

As one of the select landscape companies which has achieved "APPROVED PROFESSIONAL MEMBER" status, customers are assured of a high level of service and quality work, together with professional advice and information.

Picking your landscaping company should never be left to chance. Ask to view photographs of previous work, and don't hesitate to visit any sites provided as a reference. The personality of staff should also be considered as they will work closely with you on your home environment. Finally, remember to ask where materials are purchased from and about a guarantee. From the date of completion, we guarantee your job for one year.



Commercial property landscaping has been a large part of our business for over 10 years.

We offer landscape maintenance, lines of Commercial and Residential On-Site Amenities, specialized turf products, and competitive quotes.

The increased value of any property by professional landscaping is both proven and highly desirable, enhancing your business' professional look, and increasing curb appeal.


Summer Maintenance

A beautiful landscape begins with a well maintained lawn. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, better moisture stress tolerance and a healthier look. We use the best mowers and the sharpest blades for your situation. We also have a fertilizer program to keep your lawn looking its best and help keep it weed free.

                Maintenance program includes:

• Spring Clean Up
• Weekly mowing as required
• Remove excess clippings
• Line trimming to complete aesthetic appearance
• All hard surfaces and gardens edged weekly
• All hard surfaces blown clean of debris weekly