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We have built a great customer base, built on our dedication to beautiful designs, quality work and great customer service. Many of our customers have returned to us over the years for multiple homes.

Grandview Landscaping has been established to challenge what landscape construction is and what it can be. With the steady introduction of new products and design application, we at Grandview possess the expertise and knowledge in what materials can be used, from pavers to natural stone.

It is our vision to improve and beautify the environment in which we live, with the highest standard in service and selection in the industry. We have a dedicated core of employees who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

The revolution in the horticultural industry has brought a breathtaking selection of stunning plants for every conceivable situation. The increased value of any property by professional landscaping is both proven and highly desirable.

Grandview Landscaping has been in business for 30 years. We pride ourselves on giving great support and service to our customers.

One Stop Landscaping

Customers are assured of a high level of service and quality work, together with professional advice and information.

Picking your landscaping company should never be left to chance. Ask to view photographs of previous work, and don't hesitate to visit any sites provided as a reference. The personality of staff should also be considered as they will work closely with you on your home environment. Finally, remember to ask where materials are purchased from and about a guarantee. From the date of completion, we guarantee your job for one year.

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